The best thing about today…

At the first of the year I had made a goal for myself to post to my blog more consistently. I started the year fairly strong but lost my tempo somewhere between April Fools Day and Memorial Day. I think my biggest problem is I think too much about it and then I’m lost by the time I’m ready to post. It’s not a organizational problem I have a mild case of being ” too organized”. I do believe my problem is self confidence as I have mentioned before I’m a self taught, passed middle age woman and I’m just sure I’m not doing something right at any given moment. Then the words my Grandmother use to tell me when I was feeling down, confused, or frustrated

“the best thing about today is tomorrow”.

Holiday Crosses 2018

I placed this cross on my Grandmothers Grave this morning. I have begun to make and sell Holiday crosses for the 2018 season. You can see what is currently for sale at:

http://Floralmemorials .shop

Or on –

Under the shop name of Floralmemorials.