“Oh, What do you sell?”

Small talk can be one of those awkward or uneasy moments that we use to pass time until the moment we want arrives. Now I enjoy small talk, I’m a talker so that’s no surprise. What I enjoy the most is meeting and talking to others. If you listen you might be surprised at what you learn. I have also learned over the years that I must have a look about me because people love to tell me their troubles. I’m never uncomfortable in these situations and everyone needs someone to listen to what they have to say.

Such conversations include those while waiting in line at the post office. Now I only live a few blocks away from my neighborhood post office and I enjoy dropping of my packages in person. (a little “control ” issue I suffer from) Yes I know that this is 2017 and there is no need to drop off packages at the post office when they will come pick them up. Yes, I purchase my postage online and print it off myself but I just have to follow through with that final step. 

When I go I am usually just dropping off which is an in and out errand, but the times I’m waiting in line the small talk starts. Someone will notice that I have several packages and after some conversation about the line and how much it grows each time we come, or maybe how they have less staff than the time before, the questions I expect is ask. 

“Do you always have so many packages to mail?”

“I sell online”

“Oh, what do you sell?”

Now, this is the part where I know my answer is probably going to surprise, shock, confuse the person asking, or end the conversation.  I am very proud of my work, and the customers I serve so I smile and explain that I make cemetery/ grave crosses.

“Oh” is usually the reply then silence.

 I smile and move along in the line. 

I like small talk so it’s a little sad for me that I end it every time with my answer.