Humor in life and death?

Everyone has beliefs about death and the life ever after. I believe that a death should be a celebration of one’s life. My “middle brother” died a horrible death from alcoholism, cirosis of the liver, and throat cancer. I made sure his funeral was to celebrate the 45 years he was here on this earth as a son, brother, and yes to some, a drinking buddy.

His life was important and his presence on this earth touched others in many ways, some good, some bad. I celebrated every year of his life with 45 white balloons launched by everyone at his gravesite service to symbolize the years he lived. I spoke and told a few funny stories because humor can relieve the stress that grief creates. 

There are always funerals that no humor can be found, a death of a young person, child, or infant. That is pain that can only be relieved in tears. When my oldest brother passed in a freak accident at the age of 24 there were no funny stories as it was Christmas time and shock was the only emotion we could manage. 

My youngest brother drank himself to death at 37 years old and again I told some stories at his gravesite, some funny, some stupid, some that included mourners in attendance. 

I don’t find death funny in any form but life sure is. I am all too aware that I am but a human life in a story created by my time on this earth. I want my life to have meaning but above all else I want some humor at my death. Maybe a funny story or two ( nothing too embarrassing I hope ) and a celebration of my life, yes that sounds good to me.