Somebody has to do it, right?

Humans are an interesting species. We like to be liked. We have a tendency to ignore the unsightly and admire the beautiful things of the world.  We are always quick to judge.

( even those of us who think we don’t ).

Even our heroes, champions, and leaders have to be people that make us feel better with our admiration of them.

We have our underdogs who ignore the doubtful thoughts and words of others and manage to overcome obsticles and obtain unimaginable goals.

Finally, there is the Somebody has to do it I’m just glad it’s not me. The man in the article attached is that Somebody. These are the people who keep the world balanced.

I am grateful for this one Somebody  that keeps the balance slightly tipped on the good side of the human race. Take a minute and read the article I have attached to this post.

The Man Who Buries Everyone – MEL Magazine