Sound of Silence

I’ve always been a talker. I love people and I love being around people. Now don’t get me wrong I like my alone time too, but my teachers didn’t call me jabber jaws when I was in elementary school for nothing. The teachers would write on my report cards ; “she is a great student but needs to stop talking”. I was reading an article the other day which explained that children who are left alone a lot tend to well, run at the mouth , so to say.

I definitely fit in that category. I always did all the talking for my introverted little brother. He liked listening to me and it always made him feel more secure when I did all the talking, or so he told me once. My little brother passed away 24 years ago but I’m still talking.

Now the problem with this is it’s nervous talking . Not necessarily good conversation. I have been practicing meditation to help me silence that inner child who needed to fill the awkward silence. When I was young silence was always scary, nothing good ever came from silent moments. The meditation helps, not a cure, but it helps, and that’s all I have to say – for a change.

Memorial Day starts in March for me

I am very grateful everyday for my business FloralMemorials. To be clear I work very hard at my little business but it means nothing without my buyers. My first time buyers, my repeat buyers, and the buyers that have been with me since I started in 2015. I haven’t posted in two months because I have been busy. Every year March and April I am happily flooded with orders for Memorial Day. I know you are thinking , you make cemetery crosses so no wonder your busy. This is true but I’m have business every month, again thankful. Just on a side note. Memorial Day is not my busiest time of the year. Now I can concentrate on blogging a little bit more before I gear up for my biggest holiday of the year, Fall/Christmas.