The best thing about today…

At the first of the year I had made a goal for myself to post to my blog more consistently. I started the year fairly strong but lost my tempo somewhere between April Fools Day and Memorial Day. I think my biggest problem is I think too much about it and then I’m lost by the time I’m ready to post. It’s not a organizational problem I have a mild case of being ” too organized”. I do believe my problem is self confidence as I have mentioned before I’m a self taught, passed middle age woman and I’m just sure I’m not doing something right at any given moment. Then the words my Grandmother use to tell me when I was feeling down, confused, or frustrated

“the best thing about today is tomorrow”.

By Floralmemorials

From grief came inspiration..... I created these crosses out of frustration years ago when trying to find something to decorate family graves. Stores only had grave decorations available around Memorial Day and everything was costly and impersonal. I enjoy creating these crosses and I am happy to personalize a cross for your loved one. My crosses are made with recycled materials & packaging is simple and recycled.

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